Collin Craig


Collin Craig

Executive Chef

Collin Craig studied cooking on a farm at a chateau in France and in Argentina, in addition to earning his ACF certification from the Culinary program at Scottsdale Community College, and his Hospitality Management Degree from Northern Arizona University. He has over 20 years of culinary experience, including being the Culinary Director of Morning Squeeze, the Executive Chef at Farm and Craft, and cooking at locations such as Roka Akor, and the Saguaro Hotel.  


Fun Fact: Collin has been on the television show Guy’s Grocery Games with Guy Fieri! 


At Soberman’s Estate, Collin enjoys teaching cooking classes. Classes range from nutrition, to shopping, souvie cooking, how to marinade chicken, how to make granola, healthy minimal effort recipes, Sunday brunch recipes, egg preparation, and more.

“I let them pick to an extent, and it’s always a cooking class if they’re in the kitchen” says Collin. He says making meals can be a fun way for clients to spend time with their partners after leaving rehab, as opposed to using drugs or alcohol.