Lorraine Sanzari


Lorraine Sanzari

Operations Manager, RN

Lorraine has over 25 years' experience working in the medical field. Before becoming a nurse, she worked as a medical assistant in various specialties including family practice, urology, gynecology, surgery, behavioral/mental health, bariatrics, and even as a veterinary technician. It was while working as a medical assistant and behavioral health technician in an outpatient mental health and substance abuse facility that she discovered her passion for psychiatric medicine and substance abuse and later decided to become a nurse specializing in mental health and substance abuse.

After completing her nursing program, and graduating with honors, she earned her way towards becoming the charge nurse of a 126-bed inpatient psychiatric and substance abuse hospital on the intensive care and substance abuse units.

She found her "calling" for helping those who struggle with addiction and substance abuse, not only through 12 years of experience in this field, but also through her personal experience with friends and family members who have struggled with addiction as well. 

Lorraine is an animal lover who moved to Arizona from the East Coast in 1996. She is bilingual and has also worked as a medical translator. She loves working at Soberman's Estate because "They realize the importance of having physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs met in order to achieve balance. They provide that and much more to ensure a fulfilling experience in preparation for a life-changing journey".