J.P., Alumni

"I limped into Soberman's Estate broken. Broken in body, mind and spirit. I was fully resigned to believing I'd live in physical pain for the rest of my life and that my issue was how to do so without relying on substances. A month later, and I left not only sober, but pain free and with a big goofy grin on my face. Yes, there were a couple hard days here and there as I dug into trauma and self reflection. But, to be blunt, I had a blast during my stay. I laughed more during my time there than in the past several years combined. I made lifelong friends. I fell in love with horses and the staff - who I will also stay in touch with. (The staff, not the horses.) People say getting sober 'saved their life.' It not only saved mine, it made it better. I know who I am. I like who I am. My return to my family and home felt as though I had awoken from a coma I didn't even know I was in.

I can't wait to someday return for an alumni meeting. To see the staff and cactuses and stand again in what is undeniably a place of healing, gratitude and wonder."

Joseph B., Medical Doctor, Specialist, Past Board Member of an Arizona Hospital Group

"I have worked closely with the founder and CEO of Soberman’s Estate since 2008. I recommend Soberman’s Estate to professionals that suffer from substance use disorder as I’ve witnessed the life-saving and life-improving results of this recovery program."

G.R., Alumni

"I used to walk out of the shower backwards so I wouldn't have to look at myself in the mirror, and when I brushed my teeth I would stare at the sink. Today, after 30 days here, I looked at myself in the mirror and liked what I saw for the first time in years."

Jim S., Alumni

"Having been to rehab before, I couldn't risk another failure. I needed the best care money could buy. After an exhaustive search, I concluded Soberman's was the best choice. The staff was caring and compassionate, the program was tailored around my needs, my privacy was respected, and most importantly, I left ready to live life as my best self."

James H., Alumni

"Just to make myself clear, Soberman’s Estate SAVED MY LIFE. Prior to admitting myself into their program, no words, thoughts, tears or threats meant anything to me, as I was in the depths of my disease and on a runaway train to hell. Soberman’s brought to me a sense of calm, peace and an overall understanding of my addiction."

Chris M., Alumni

This is a true diamond in the desert for treatment and recovery. From day one until my departure, that staff was incredible, caring, supportive, and helpful in guiding and directing me to have the best chance for building a life in recovery. I am eternally grateful for everything that Soberman's Estate gave me.

David A., Alumni 

"Soberman's Estate will become iconic. I've been to other treatment centers. I don't feel like a patient or a number here. I don't have to wear a bracelet, and I'm treated with respect. The last time I went to rehab, I only received 1:1 counseling once a week for four weeks. At Soberman's Estate, I received more than all of that combined during my first week alone. Other places told me to let go of my anger and fear, but didn't show me how. At Soberman's Estate they not only taught me how, they held my hand during the process. The experience here was unexpected, and changed my life. If you are serious about getting it right the first time, or if you haven't gotten it right at other rehabs, then Soberman's Estate is the place for you!"

C.M., Alumni

"I will be forever grateful to Soberman's, Mitch and the entire staff. The experience truly saved my life."

Mike M., Comprehensive Evaluation Participant

"A truly exceptional facility! I was there for an intensive evaluation, and saw the way the staff treated all of their clients with respect, dignity and purpose. Nearly all of the staff are in some type of recovery, so they can relate to and understand what their clients have experienced. They treat their clients like their family. They make their clients feel as though they are in partnership in their recovery and truly strive for self-reliance. There is an air of confidence, reassurance, encouragement and success in their approach that is unparalleled. From the top and all the way down, they strive to and achieve going far and above what is required of a treatment facility and truly make it a life changing experience. The professionals are highly trained and skilled, extremely compassionate and understanding. The facility itself is pristine, beautiful, calming and relaxing. It feels like you are in an upscale resort. The food preparation by their executive chef, Jesse, is as good as or better than most five star restaurants and resorts. Their professional staff and director truly have a great understanding of the particular needs of their clients and treat everyone there with respect and dignity. A truly transforming experience."

Joshua L., Alumni

"I’m so grateful for the way my treatment plan was customized for me, and the Medical Director got me started on the proper medication. I know these two things made the difference in my life that all the other treatment centers were hoping for. Soberman's achieved it. My life is full and I’m genuinely happy. Thanks to everybody at Soberman's."

Steve L., Alumni

"Like many men who have attended Soberman’s Estate, I am a business professional with years of business ownership, and business management experience. 

I spent many years thinking that I was unique. I was not. I researched many facilities both nationally and internationally before selecting Soberman’s Estate. This subject intrigued me so much that I wrote my doctoral thesis on “addictions as they relate to spirituality”. 

 So, why does the program at Soberman’s Estate work? The underlying reason is the basic concept provided by the founder, Mitch Prager, and it is mirrored by all of his staff.  

 The desert, where Soberman’s Estate is located, is a special place, that promotes optimism and natural healing. The amenities are 5-star, the food is 5-star, and the treatment sessions are all very high quality.  

 The therapy sessions including equine, music, physical training, yoga, group and individual therapy, nutrition, and art, are all designed as an enjoyable experience, with an underlying treatment lesson. 

The staff is notably more qualified than the industry average. In addition, they all have experience and a high level of compassion. Mitch, the owner, is present and even organizes outings such as hikes, cultural, outside meetings, and shopping trips for the clients. 

Even the executives that are used to high quality food and travel amenities do not suffer here. The simple fact that electronics are allowed, based on self-discipline, is an example of the trust and faith of the clients. I rarely saw this benefit abused, and quite frankly I would not succeed in a program that totally prohibited their use. 

 In my opinion, Soberman’s Estate is one of the top-rated treatment facilities in the United States. Possibly the top rated one, when you compare results to cost of treatment. 

 After spending 40 years in addiction, turmoil, and destructive living, all the while running a business and managing other people’s lives, something was bound to crack. I am now thoroughly enjoying sobriety, as are the men I experienced treatment with. The active alumni association is also a contributor to the successes.  

 Good luck! Doctor Steve, Oregon"

Bijal P., Alumni Family Member

“Now that my dad’s completed treatment at Soberman’s Estate, I can see joy in his eyes - for the first time in many years, I’m proud to be with my dad in a public place – I’m so happy my family chose Soberman’s Estate – we will be forever grateful - thank you and your team for bringing my dad back to life!”

Cortney L., Alumni Family Member

"Soberman’s Estate is run by a team of people with tremendous hearts who genuinely want to give the gift of recovery.  The level of care is unlike anything else I have seen. The staff is encouraging and involved. My brother was treated in a way that exceeded all of our expectations.  He needed a place that would help him, while allowing him to remain connected to his outside responsibilities. The environment is exactly what a man struggling with addiction needs and deserves.  They provided comfortable accommodations, privacy, five star cooking, and a variety of treatment modalities delivered by a truly caring and experienced staff.  He was given a safe space to effectively change his life for the better.  I am forever grateful to Mitch and the entire team at Soberman’s for helping my brother. You saved his life."

T.L., Alumni Family Member

"It is such a pleasure to see my adult son energized and joyful again. His stay at Soberman's Estate was transforming."

Frank D., Alumni 

"I was apprehensive about going to treatment, and now that I completed my 6 week stay, I feel like Soberman's Estate is like a Summer Camp for adult men with problems." 

N.P., Alumni 

"It is not just one thing. It is a multitude of everything.  From the staff, to the therapy classes, to having my sessions with Frank, to the great food that Jesse provides, to this beautiful place; it is the whole experience that has helped me.  This is a place that has helped me, absolutely."

T.M., Alumni 

"I arrived yesterday kicking and screaming, and today I am so grateful I am here."

J.P., Alumni 

"I love this place and you are doing an amazing job. This place is truly special and amazing."

R.K., Alumni 

"This experience here at Soberman's Estate has been spiritually, mentally, and physically impactful for me. I was not expecting that when I first arrived here. I am grateful for Soberman's Estate."

Sandi Starr, Operations Manager, Soberman's Estate

"There is so much beauty and energy here. I am so very blessed to be a part of it!"