For a Loved One

“Now that my dad’s completed treatment at Soberman’s Estate, I can see joy in his eyes - for the first time in many years, I’m proud to be with my dad in a public place – I’m so happy my family chose Soberman’s Estate – we will be forever grateful - thank you and your team for bringing my dad back to life!”

- Bijal P., Alumni Family Member

Why I would send a loved one to Soberman's Estate




At Soberman’s Estate exclusive rehab center, we know the joys of having a loved one or someone close to us and we believe everyone deserves to feel that joy. We also understand the pain of losing loved ones to addiction and alcoholism because they refused drug and alcohol treatment. According to leading recovery experts, 23 million Americans need drug or alcohol treatment, but only 3 million receive treatment from a specialized facility.

Soberman’s Estate is a 10-bed, luxury rehab treatment center that provides recovery and wellness services for adult males with substance use disorder and underlying issues. The private five-acre estate is nestled in the pristine Sonoran Desert, north of Scottsdale, AZ. There should be no shame or guilt when a family member enters drug and alcohol treatment. Treatment is a gift and in a safe, nurturing and caring environment our goal is to help clients feel confident they can live a joyful, addiction-free life through the gift of recovery.


You play a vital role in your loved one’s recovery, and your participation is welcome. Our drug and alcohol treatment program includes family education and support so you can continue to champion your loved one’s recovery after they leave our program.

Call us at (480) 595-2222 for a confidential assessment or complete the following form to have a representative reach out to you within twenty four hours.


"Soberman’s Estate is run by a team of people with tremendous hearts who genuinely want to give the gift of recovery.  The level of care is unlike anything else I have seen. The staff is encouraging and involved. My brother was treated in a way that exceeded all of our expectations.  He needed a place that would help him, while allowing him to remain connected to his outside responsibilities. The environment is exactly what a man struggling with addiction needs and deserves.  They provided comfortable accommodations, privacy, five star cooking, and a variety of treatment modalities delivered by a truly caring and experienced staff.  He was given a safe space to effectively change his life for the better.  I am forever grateful to Mitch and the entire team at Soberman’s for helping my brother. You saved his life." - Cortney L., Alumni Family Member



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