The 4 Notable Symptoms of a High Functioning Alcoholic

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Alcoholism is a struggle that a large number of individuals deal with on a daily basis. More than 15 million people struggle with alcoholism and it only continues to grow over time. High functioning alcoholics are estimated only 20% of that 15 million, and they can be a challenge to identify without knowing the right symptoms. 

What Are the Symptoms of a High Functioning Alcoholic?

We’ve previously gone over the dangers of being a high functioning alcoholic in a previous article. However, we did not go into detail about the various symptoms that a high functioning alcoholic will display. We will be exploring those symptoms in this article, so that you will be able to identify the signs and get them the help they need.

High Functioning Alcoholics Deny That They Have a Problem

Denial is a common symptom when dealing with alcoholics that have been taking in various substances. According to a study by Carvalho AF, Heilig M, Perez A, Probst C, and Rehm J. honesty is one of the first things that an alcoholic will neglect and forget. The lack of honesty will carry over to other facets of their life like their relationships, career and family life.  

Excessive Spending of Their Income To Fuel Their Alcoholism

One thing that separates the high functioning alcoholic from their failing counterparts is their ability to still function and perform despite their use of alcohol. Despite their ability to provide, their alcoholism can still be a cause of concern due to the impact it has on other facets of their life. Alcoholism also has an impact on an individual in the long term.

A History of Criminal Charges and Accidents Caused By Alcohol

Criminal charges involving alcohol range from criminal charges that lead to arrests or even accidents that can take the life of those involved. This is a common concern for family members as the addict is at risk due to their addiction. A high functioning addict may or may not have a history of criminal charges and accidents, however, excessive alcohol intake is still dangerous due to their higher risk of being involved in an accident.

Relationship Problems Caused by Excessive Use of Alcohol

The effect of alcohol on the mental stability of individuals is certainly a cause of concern. This instability causes the addict to be unpredictable and aggressive regardless of whether they are under the influence or not. This unpredictability and aggressiveness damages relationships between them and their family and friends.  

The Most Effective Solution To Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a difficult condition to overcome regardless of whether you’re a high functioning addict or not. Regardless of where you stand in the alcoholic spectrum, a professional rehabilitation center will always be one of the best solutions to helping an individual overcome their addiction.

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