The Effect Of Substance Use Disorder on Mental Health

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Substance misuse has always had dangers associated with it. It is responsible for damaging the internal organs of a large number of individuals. Alcohol is only second to Hepatitis C when it comes to causing liver cirrhosis. However, another pressing matter in regards to substance misuse is how it can affect the mental health of an individual as it takes over every facet of their life.

The Danger Of Substance Use Disorder on An Individual’s Mental Health

Maintaining mental health is just as essential as maintaining physical health. Individuals experiencing mental health concerns have difficulty functioning. The danger is even more apparent if substance use disorder is present. 

Various Substances Rewire the Brain In a Negative Manner

The mental health of an individual depends on one of the most essential parts of the body: the brain. If any damage were to be done to it, several mental health disorders could arise. This is why individuals who have had physical brain trauma tend to have personality or mental health disorders. Substance misuse is similar in how it can affect a person’s brain however, instead of physical trauma, it rewires the brain on a chemical level.

These substances will have a direct effect on a person’s brain. The worst part is that each substance has a different effect on the brain. Some will affect how the brain processes messages while others can also cause it to fire abnormal messages that aren’t natural to the brain itself. 

Substance Use Mimics the Release of Dopamine

An essential part of human biology is to seek out things that provide pleasure or happiness. According to Ladislav Kováč from the Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia in a study about human happiness “Happiness induces an organism to actively seek beneficial stimuli as ‘rewards' or actively evade noxious stimuli to avoid ‘punishment'. 

The substance forces the brain to release various feel good chemicals like dopamine into the body when it is taken in. It also prevents dopamine from being created without the presence of the substance. We have evolved to seek out pleasure and substance use hijacks the part of a person’s mind responsible for pleasure response. This can make for a deadly combination and lead to addiction.

Both Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health Disorders Can Affect Each Other

In a previous article, we’ve mentioned how comorbidity is a common occurrence in mental health. Both problems mask the symptoms of the other. Mental health problems can push a person to drug or alcohol misuse, or drugs and alcohol can cause enough damage to the physiology and chemical balance of the brain to cause mental health issues. Either way, it makes it far more difficult to pinpoint a solution for both as they compound each other’s negative aspects.

The Best Available Solution To Both Problems

An excellent solution to both problems is to seek treatment at a professional rehabilitation center like Soberman’s Estate. Proper respect and the best care are the best solutions to ensure successful rehabilitation. With 5 beds on 5 acres of pristine Sonoran desert, Soberman’s Estate is a great place to recover during these trying times. Soberman’s Estate has created the ideal combination of medical, clinical, and holistic modalities. You can rest assured in the discretion and privacy we provide alongside our addiction recovery programs that can effectively help with substance use disorder.

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