Private Surroundings


Private Surroundings

Located in the Shadow of the Saguaro ® 30 miles north of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and surrounded by serene Sonoran Desert.

Being immersed in nature is not only relaxing, it’s physically and psychologically healing.

Being in nature is scientifically proven to ignite feelings of happiness, peace, and gratitude, lower our stress hormone cortisol, help gain emotional resilience, decrease fatigue, increase energy and productivity, and improve memory function. Additional studies show that when exposed to nature, people with depressive disorders had significant mood improvements, and felt more motivated and energized.

Set within five acres of natural Sonoran Desert, the size of our facility allows us to ensure discretion and privacy for all who seek treatment here. Soberman's Estate sets a new standard for private rehabilitation facilities, not just in Arizona, but throughout the United States. Our confidential rehabilitation facility is designed similarly to a boutique resort, giving clients a private, tranquil, and luxurious space to heal. While healing, clients may enjoy the surroundings by horseback riding, hiking, and seeing a variety of cacti including saguaros, red cardinals, hummingbirds, blossoming desert flowers, signature Arizona sunsets, and more. This combination of a modern and luxurious facility in a unique natural environment is the ideal setting for recovery and renewal.