Program Outcomes FAQ

Program Outcomes FAQ

What makes Soberman’s Estate unique compared to other treatment centers? 

Soberman’s Estate has a 10-bed-maximum with a high staff to client ratio, where clients have all their needs met and most requests accommodated. Each client receives three to five hours per week of one-on-one therapy, and group therapy nearly every day. All medical, clinical, holistic, and spiritual treatment modalities are onsite. Located in the serene Sonoran Desert, we have a private executive chef, NFL Coach, an Equine Therapist and Meditation Coach, a barn, a labyrinth, a zen garden, a greenhouse, a massage room, world-class hiking, yoga, tai chi, music therapy, art therapy, and a strong alumni program. Many staff members are in recovery and understanding of what clients are going through. All of our leadership team are experts recognized in their field. All staff members bring their talents with a compassionate, ethical, supportive approach to help clients heal. The founding of Soberman’s Estate is in honor of two men who passed away from the disease of addiction. Learn more about our founding story here. 

Why would I be successful in your program when I haven’t been successful at getting clean and sober at other programs?  

"Soberman's Estate will become iconic. I've been to other treatment centers. I don't feel like a patient or a number here. I don't have to wear a bracelet, and I'm treated with respect. The last time I went to rehab, I only received one-on-one counseling once a week for four weeks. At Soberman's Estate, I received more than all of that combined during my first week alone. Other places told me to let go of my anger and fear, but didn't show me how. At Soberman's Estate they not only taught me how, they held my hand during the process. The experience here was unexpected, and changed my life. If you are serious about getting it right the first time, or if you haven't gotten it right at other rehabs, then Soberman's Estate is the place for you!" -David A., Alumni 

Read testimonials of Soberman's Estate alumni. 

Having a 10-bed maximum with over 20 staff members allows us to fully cater to a client’s healing journey. Receiving as much as 3-5 hours per week of one-on-one therapy is highly uncommon in most treatment centers. Having a wide variety of multi-level modalities onsite offers a greater chance of finding what works for you. Healing with fellow adult men who have similar struggles can help create bonds during the healing process and enhance recovery. 

Will I relapse after leaving Soberman’s Estate? 

Soberman’s Estate teaches relapse prevention from day one. We've heard many people, including professionals in the recovery industry, say that relapse is part of recovery. We acknowledge that relapse is prevalent in the industry, but relapse is not a requirement of recovery. Each client leaves with a detailed continuum of care / relapse prevention plan.  

"Just to make myself clear, Soberman’s Estate SAVED MY LIFE. Prior to admitting myself into their program, no words, thoughts, tears or threats meant anything to me, as I was in the depths of my disease and on a runaway train to hell. Soberman’s brought to me a sense of calm, peace and an overall understanding of my addiction."

-James H., Alumni