The Experience


What to Expect



Soberman’s Estate is a 5 acre, sophisticated men's residential drug and alcohol treatment center located “in the Shadow of the Saguaro” ™, in the Arizona Sonoran Desert 30 miles north of the PHX Airport. We provide clinically sound drug and alcohol treatment including evidenced-based and integrative therapies for adult men with substance use disorder and co-occurring issues. 

Soberman's Estate treatment providers are compassionate and respected experts in their specialty with master's level education and above, with multiple years of experience and education to provide the utmost current and effective individualized care. 

A stay at Soberman’s Estate is a gift, not a punishment. Our goal is to provide each client with the gift of a healthy life, wellness, and relief from substance use and co-occurring disorders. Our clients will experience the healing nature of the Sonoran Desert, feeling the serenity and relaxation of the surroundings while getting drug and alcohol treatment in a luxury men’s rehab. 

Sample Schedule 

The road to recovery is not a straight line and we provide a variety of modalities and rehab treatment services to help each client on their journey. To see what a day may look like at the mens luxury rehab center, please view a sample schedule.


Packing for Soberman's Estate

In order to provide you the safest and smoothest transition to your private luxury treatment experience at The Estate, we have defined those items to bring and not to bring. Please know, however, that this list is not exhaustive and we encourage you to contact your Admission Coordinator for any questions. Click here to download the list of items to pack for Soberman's Estate.


Questions and Answers:

Will I relapse again after leaving Soberman’s Estate?

Answer: Soberman’s Estate teaches relapse prevention from day one. We've heard many people, including professionals in the recovery industry, say that relapse is part of recovery. We acknowledge that relapse is prevalent in the industry, but relapse is not a requirement of recovery.

I don’t want anyone to know I’m in rehab. Is Soberman’s Estate really private?

Answer: Soberman’s Estate is very secluded and private. Our property, including the outdoor equestrian facilities, swimming pool, patios, gardens, in-pool dining, grotto, firepit, labyrinth, and putting green, is surrounded by a five-acre fence and by miles of Sonoran Desert preserve. Soberman’s Estate hosts no more that 10 clients at any given time and these clients are equally concerned about their privacy.

What is the cost?

Answer: Soberman's Estate wishes to help each client get the best luxury rehab drug and alcohol treatment.  Our high staff to patient ratio allows for individualized care and each client's length of stay will be customized.  Please call us directly for a consultation.

Can your program help my brother?

Answer: "Soberman’s Estate is run by a team of people with tremendous hearts who genuinely want to give the gift of recovery.  The level of care is unlike anything else I have seen. The staff is encouraging and involved. My brother was treated in a way that exceeded all of our expectations.  He needed a place that would help him, while allowing him to remain connected to his outside responsibilities. The environment is exactly what a man struggling with addiction needs and deserves.  They provided comfortable accommodations, privacy, five star cooking, and a variety of treatment modalities delivered by a truly caring and experienced staff.  He was given a safe space to effectively change his life for the better.  I am forever grateful to Mitch and the entire team at Soberman’s for helping my brother. You saved his life." -Cortney L.

Can your program help my father? 

Answer: “Now that my dad’s completed treatment at Soberman’s Estate, I can see joy in his eyes - for the first time in many years, I’m proud to be with my dad in a public place – I’m so happy my family chose Soberman’s Estate – we will be forever grateful - thank you and your team for bringing my dad back to life!” -B. Patel