Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Posted by Jerry Ehmann, LPC, LISAC, NCC on August 24, 2021 at 11:33 PM

What is A.R.T.?  

Accelerated Resolution Therapy is an evidence-based treatment method recognized by SAMHSA, the VA, and the Department of Defense to treat a variety of mental health issues, especially trauma and post-traumatic stress. It uses a combination of techniques to rewire the way in which the brain stores distressing memories, so they no longer trigger strong physical and emotional reactions. 

Research has demonstrated that this modality is a briefer protocol, less stressful, and less intrusive than other treatments, with significant improvements. A study by the University of Southern Florida also found it to be more effective than other treatments for traumatic stress when compared to other eye-movement, cognitive-behavioral, and exposure therapies. Research shows that A.R.T. is effective in the treatment of addiction, anxiety, depression, phobias, grief, abuse in addition to its use for trauma. 


Why A.R.T.? 

Trauma exists in every population to some degree and is often present in people who are dealing with addictions to alcohol or drugs. The treatment of trauma is crucial for addiction and can reduce relapse since there is a reduction in triggers. The purpose of addiction recovery is to develop skills for long term abstinence. For some people with PTSD and traumatic stress, the coping skills for sensations and images related to trauma has been drug and alcohol use. 


How does it work? 

A.R.T. does… 

  • eliminate sensations of PTSD in one to five sessions.
  • work with diverse populations and age groups.
  • eliminate the images of many traumatic experiences.
  • reduce the risk of stress on therapists working with trauma clients.


A.R.T. does not… 

  • require homework for the client.
  • require the client to share more information than what is comfortable.
  • require in-vivo exposure.
  • expose therapists to prolonged vicarious trauma.


A.R.T. is one of the many treatment modalities used at Soberman’s Estate. To learn more, visit our Clinical Excellence Page 


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