Russell Brand Celebrates 19 Years of Sobriety

Posted by Soberman's Contributor on December 29, 2021 at 12:05 AM

Russell Brand, internationally successful, award-winning comedian, actor, author, and activist recently posted a video on Twitter celebrating 19 years of sobriety, and inspiring viewers with substance use disorders and their loved ones that there is hope.


In this video Brand shared, “It is possible to live differently if you're a drug addict. It is possible to live differently if you're suffering. It is possible to live differently if you live in a twisted and broken culture...

I'd like to say to any of you that are suffering from addiction, or know anyone that's suffering from addiction, there is a way out. It is possible.

If someone as crazy, and hopeless, and lost as I was can become a father, and a husband, and a member of various communities committed to service and change, then there is hope for all of us...

I believe in recovery. I believe in you. I believe in our future."

On his website he has an 18-page worksheet called "The Program"in which he stated, "I can attest personally that the 12 Steps work with severe addiction issues, if you have them, you should engage with the appropriate support group. There are now hundreds of 12 Step organizations with objects of unwitting fetishization: alcohol, narcotics, gambling, food, sex, hoarding."

Brand also believes recovery is not just for addicts, it is about recovering the person you were intended to be. "There's an assumption that 12-step recovery is for addicts and alcoholics- and that is indeed how I found my way into the program. But what is also true is that 12-step recovery is for everyone."