The Impact of Alcohol and Drug Use On Family Dynamics

Posted by Soberman's Contributor on July 12, 2020 at 8:45 PM


Alcohol and drug use is a common concern shared by many households. Over 16 million people in the United States have a form of alcohol intake disorder and over 10 million have a substance use disorder according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health’s 2018 survey. Nearly 10% of all households have an alcoholic or an individual misusing drugs. This can have a major impact on family dynamics and the overall happiness of the individuals within the household.

Alcohol and Drug Use is a Family Problem

The center of attention for alcohol or drug use is often the one misusing these substances. However, this means that the impact of their misuse on their family and relationships is often overlooked. The impact of alcohol use is tangible and can have a drastic effect on the family as much as it can affect the one misusing the substances. This is why special care should be taken to treating these misuse disorders as soon as possible in order to minimize its impact on not only the addict but also their family. 

The first step to finding a solution to the problem at hand is ensuring that you are aware of the problems caused by the use of alcohol or drugs in a family setting.

Financial Problems Stemming From Alcohol and Drug Use

Financial stability in a family is necessary to ensure that there is enough to purchase necessities. However, the usage of alcohol or drugs can impair an individual’s judgement. They often prioritize spending on their addiction rather than the needs of their family. More frequent accidents also occur more often due to the individual’s impaired judgement.

Damaged Interpersonal Relationships With Both Family and Friends

Strained family relationships is another common occurrence in a household where an alcoholic is present. Once again, their impaired judgement takes a toll in this regard. Alcohol can increase the aggression of an individual and can heavily strain the relationships within the household. In a World Health Organization survey, nearly 55% out of 24,000 individuals have expressed that the intake of alcohol was the cause of domestic abuse.

The Effect on Children

One of the most impacted members of the family when there is an alcoholic present, are the children in the household. Despite not intaking the substances, children are often psychologically and physically damaged due to an abusive parent. Mental health issues and personality orders are common in children with a parent misusing either drugs or alcohol. Many of the same children will eventually struggle with the same substance misuse problems themselves as they reach maturity. This causes a chain of alcohol and drug use problems that can be difficult to stop without external assistance.

The Solution To Excessive Alcohol and Drug Use

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