The Link Between Stress and Substance Use Disorder

Posted by Soberman's Contributor on April 9, 2020 at 8:35 PM

Stress is a normal factor in every person’s life. However, chronic stress is a major concern for many Americans today. One third of the American population experiences extreme stress that can affect their physical and mental well being. The vast majority of these people experiencing stress reach out to drugs, alcohol or both to relieve it. But what exactly is the correlation between stress and substance use and what can you do about it?

How Stress and Substance Use Disorder Are Linked 

Commonly called self-medication, the misuse of drugs and alcohol when it comes to treating stress is a common occurrence. Stress has also been known to increase a person’s vulnerability to relapse. This makes professionals like doctors, pilots, and military personnel more vulnerable to the allure of alcohol and drugs due to the stress levels associated with their jobs. Self-medication can cause numerous problems in a person’s daily life regardless of their profession as they use these substances to cope with their problems. Substance misuse helps very little when it comes to fixing those problems, however. Instead, the misuse of substances will affect them negatively both physically and mentally.

The Effect of Substance Misuse on a Person’s Physical and Mental Well Being

Drugs and alcohol work by affecting the chemical receptors in a person’s brain. This causes these parts to fire signals depending on what the substance in question is. Opioids or relaxants like alcohol and various drugs will artificially reduce a person’s stress level while also releasing feel-good chemicals like dopamine. The problem with the artificial nature of this is that it slowly affects their brain to adapt to the substance that they’re taking in. This means that a person will need more and more of a certain substance to experience its effects. This creates a dependence on the substance in question.

Dependency on these substances will slowly affect their minds and cause them to suffer from withdrawal symptoms if they don’t get regular administrations of these substances. These withdrawal symptoms are often as dangerous as the addiction itself. Extreme stress, developing lifelong mental health issues, seizures, and heart attacks are just some of the withdrawal symptoms a person can experience. It can be more and more difficult to overcome as a person takes in more of the substance. Recovery can be even harder without the help of a professional.

What Options Are Available to Treat Substance Use Disorder?

As was said earlier, it can be a tremendous challenge to treat substance misuse. However, several solutions are available for those who want to remove their reliance on these substances. Medication, Meditation, and self-discipline are some self-help methods but not nearly as effective as  the assistance of professionals at a Residential treatment center.

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