The Significance of Genetics in an Individual's Predisposition to Drug Addiction

Posted by Soberman's Contributor on July 26, 2020 at 5:17 AM

tom-pumford-T5lmpSYxnSU-unsplashDrug addiction is a major problem in many places across the globe. With more than one third of the adult population battling drug addiction on a daily basis, research has been done to identify a person’s predisposition for drug addiction. One of the findings is that genetics may play a role in a person’s predisposition to drug misuse.

How Genetics Could Play a Role In An Individual’s Predisposition for Drug Addiction

Genetics is a topic that many professionals have discussed with regard to finding individuals that may develop drug addiction symptoms. Many professionals have done the research to identify a link between a person’s genes and drug use. A common finding between a number of studies is how certain brain chemicals have an effect on how predisposed a person is to drug use

Professional Findings With Regards to Genetics and Drug Addiction and Use

Dr. Paul Greengard, a Nobel Prize-winning researcher alongside his team at Rockefeller University, New York City conducted a drug use experiment on mice. They tested the response of mice to various opioids, amphetamines, and cocaine in order to gather data regarding genetics and drugs. His team ran experiments involving a genetic protein called DARPP-32 which is found in the brains of both humans and mice alike. This protein is a signaling molecule that is the intermediary between the various neurotransmitters in the brain. 

Dr. Greengard and his team found a link between the presence of this genetic protein to a mice’s predisposition to the use of drugs. Mice with this protein removed from their brains were less likely to respond to all of the previously mentioned abused drugs and were less likely to take it in when presented the opportunity to do so. 

What This Means for Individuals Who May Have a Predisposition for Drug Addiction and Use

What many don’t understand is that predisposition is merely the likelihood of a person to become addicted to drugs. Having a genetic predisposition to drug use doesn’t mean that there is a guarantee for an individual to become addicted. This is due to other factors playing a major role in a person’s risk of addiction in addition to their genes. Environment, other biological factors and proximity to drugs all play a role in a person’s vulnerability to drug addiction and misuse. 

Effective Solution To Drug Addiction and Use

The most effective solution to tackling drug addiction and use is to identify the problem as early as possible. Follow it up with quick and immediate professional intervention in order to minimize the effect of long term exposure to these substances.

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