12 Tips for Staying Sober Throughout the Holidays

Posted by Janice Story on October 30, 2023 at 7:30 AM

The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and togetherness. However, for individuals in recovery, it can also be a time filled with triggers, stress, and temptations that may threaten their sobriety. Staying sober during the holidays may be challenging, but it is achievable with the right strategies and support. We’ve come up with 12 practical tips to help you maintain your sobriety throughout season.Add a little bit of body text (1080 × 1080 px) (672 × 480 px) (544 × 389 px) (544 × 389 px) (544 × 389 px) (674 × 480 px) (940 × 788 px) (672 × 480 px) (672 × 480 px) (940 × 788 px) (672 × 488 px) (23)

  1. Plan Ahead: Start by creating a detailed plan for each holiday event. Know where you're going, who will be there, and what to expect. If you're attending parties, have an exit strategy in case you feel uncomfortable or triggered.
  2. Seek Sober Support: Reach out to your support system, whether it's friends, family, or a recovery group. Share your goals with them, so they can offer encouragement and help you stay accountable.
  3. Host Your Own Sober Gathering: Consider hosting your own holiday gathering where you have control over the environment and can ensure there are non-alcoholic drink options available. Suggest or organize alcohol-free activities during holiday gatherings, such as games, puzzles, or outdoor adventures, to shift the focus away from drinking.
  4. Stay Mindful: Practice mindfulness techniques to stay grounded and present. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings, especially if cravings or triggers arise.
  5. Have Non-Alcoholic Alternatives: Bring your favorite non-alcoholic beverages to parties, to help relieve the pressure. Having something enjoyable to sip on can reduce the temptation to reach for alcohol. If you find yourself in a triggering or uncomfortable situation, have an exit strategy in mind. You can always leave early if needed.
  6. Set Boundaries: Don't be afraid to decline invitations to events that you feel may jeopardize your sobriety. Your well-being should be your top priority. Don't be afraid to decline offers of alcohol politely. Remember, it's okay to say “no”.
  7. Have a Sober Buddy: If possible, bring a trusted friend or family member with you to holiday gatherings who knows about your recovery journey and can provide support.
  8. Create New Traditions: Consider starting new holiday traditions that don't revolve around alcohol. Activities like volunteering, attending a sober holiday event, or going for a nature walk can be excellent alternatives.
  9. Practice Self-Care: Prioritize self-care during the holidays. Get enough rest, eat healthily, and engage in activities that bring you joy and relaxation. Recognize that not every holiday event will be perfect, and there may be challenges along the way. Set realistic expectations and be gentle with yourself.
  10. Have an Emergency Contact: Identify someone you can call or text when you're feeling overwhelmed or tempted to relapse. Having an emergency contact can provide you with immediate support. Attend support group meetings or engage with your recovery community during the holidays. Sharing your experiences with others who are also staying sober can be comforting.
  11. Reflect on Your Progress: Take time to reflect on how far you've come in your recovery journey. Remind yourself of the positive changes and improvements in your life since getting sober.
  12. Stay Grateful: Gratitude is a powerful tool in recovery. Each day, take a moment to acknowledge the things you're thankful for. It can help shift your focus from what you might be missing to all that you have gained in sobriety.  And always remember Your “Why": Whenever you feel tempted, remind yourself of the reasons you chose sobriety in the first place. Focus on the benefits and the brighter future it offers.

Staying sober during the holidays is a rewarding achievement that can strengthen your commitment to a healthier and happier life. By planning ahead, seeking support, and practicing self-care, you can not only maintain your sobriety but also create memorable and joyful holiday experiences that don't rely on alcohol. Remember that your journey is unique, and there's no one-size-fits-all approach. Choose the strategies that resonate with you and adapt them to suit your needs. With determination and the right support, you can navigate the holiday season with confidence and stay firmly on the path of sobriety.

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