Building Bridges in Healing: My Visit with Steve LeVeau of AZ Pinnacle Counseling

Posted by Janice Story on April 29, 2024 at 8:00 AM

A few weeks ago, we held an incredible open house for our professional community. A day that was filled with learning about what makes Soberman’s Estate such an incredible place for professional men to heal. We were able to share our clinical and therapeutic expertise as well as our different holistic modalities with everyone who attended, and hand out some incredible prizes as well! I was honored once again, to meet with one of those professional individuals that attended, when he came to pick up the prize he had won._672 x 480px) (6)

I’d like to introduce you to Steve LeVeau, and AZ Pinnacle Counseling (AZPC). Steve brings to AZ Pinnacle Counseling a robust blend of leadership and marketing skills, underpinned by a profound commitment to helping people not just heal, but also restore their relationships and foster significant changes in their lives. With 13 skilled counselors spread across three offices in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona, AZPC offers a variety of specialized services. These include therapy for couples, individuals, teens, children, and families, as well as targeted support for issues like anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, and navigating through divorces and premarital challenges.

I was so fortunate that Steve and I had the chance to sit down over lunch, where his dedication and passion for making a difference was truly heartfelt. He shared the unique challenges he faced during his 25-year tenure in the corporate world—a journey I found relatable from my own experiences. These insights have now become invaluable to Steve as he helps steer AZPC in its mission and commitment to change lives one individual/family at a time.

A Passionate Exchange of Ideas and Vision

One of the most exciting aspects of our conversation were the thoughts and discussion around how much our two programs could collaborate with each other. Our programs are uniquely aligned to support each other. For instance, the counselors at AZPC often encounter clients battling addiction or substance use disorder. Through referrals to Soberman’s Estate, these clients can receive specialized addiction treatment tailored to their individual needs.

At Soberman’s Estate, we place immense importance on aftercare planning. Before our clients conclude their treatment, our therapists help them create comprehensive discharge plans that emphasize ongoing therapy, essential for sustained recovery. This collaboration with AZPC will not only enhance our service offerings but will also ensure a seamless transition for clients in need of continued support, a critical step that AZ Pinnacle Counseling could provide.

Forging a Path Forward Together

The partnership between Soberman’s Estate and AZPC is poised to enhance the services we provide to our community significantly. By joining forces, we are better equipped as we move forward, both teams are enthusiastic about the potential of this partnership. Together, we aim to create a broader impact, helping more individuals and families to heal, grow, and transform their lives as they embark on their journey of living a healthier, happier life.

This open house was not just an event but a stepping stone towards greater collaboration and impact. We thank all attendees, especially professionals like Steve LeVeau, who share our vision and commitment to healing and transformation. My interaction with Steve was a reminder of the power of shared visions and the incredible potential of collaborative efforts in the realm of mental health and recovery. Together, we are setting the stage for a future where our combined expertise and compassionate care bring about real change in the lives of those we serve.

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