Sunrise Meetings at Soberman's Estate

Posted by Janice Story on November 17, 2021 at 12:50 PM

I love doing Sunrise Meetings! They are a great, intentional way to check in with the clients first thing in the morning, and empower them to create their day!

Here are the questions we ask during Sunrise meetings:

Sunrise at Soberman's Estate

1. How are you feeling?


This question lets the client be open and honest about his feelings and gives us insights into how we can support him in the best way. It allows us to meet the clients wherever they are at. It also can spark great discussions that will support all of the clients, and builds camaraderie.


2. What’s your goal for the day?                  


This question helps them focus on their recovery, sobriety, and healing. Creating daily goals helps them stay committed to themselves, and the program here at Soberman’s Estate. It reminds them to work on and complete any assignments that have been given to them.


3. Did you meet your goal yesterday?      

This is a great time to check in with them on their own accountability. Is there a specific area they need more support in? What kept them from meeting their goal?

4. Where would you rate yourself on a scale from 1-10?


This question brings awareness to where they are at emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. This is so important on their journey, helping them heal mind, body, and spirit as a whole.


5. What are you most grateful for?


Sometimes we lose sight of  all of the amazing things, memories, moments, even people in our lives. A practice of remembering and reflecting on what we are grateful for helps us find a purpose of wanting to keep our sobriety and stay in recovery.


6. What's your Word of the Day?


This helps them set an intention for their day, and remember that they are capable, responsible, and able to choose how they create their day.

Sunrise Photos Taken Onsite by Overnight Manager


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