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Andra Prager

Andra Prager earned her Masters in Education and has been a classroom educator for 17 years. She is a certified Mindfulness and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) instructor. She is also a certified yoga instructor (RYT 200 hr).

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Mindfulness = Boredom + Curiosity

Posted by Andra Prager on September 17, 2021 at 3:26 PM

Cool Boredom 

Discussing mindfulness is like discussing love, or goodwill; they are intangibles with many different ideas and thoughts surrounding them. Although mindfulness has a definition, it is complex with many layers. One aspect of mindfulness that I found fascinating was its relationship to boredom. In Chogyam Trungpa's book Mindfulness in Action, he has a chapter called Cool Boredom. In it, he states, “Your thought patterns, subconscious gossip, and all of your mind’s chatter become much less interesting. In fact, you begin to find them all very boring.” He goes on to describe hot and cool boredom: 

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