Cowboy’s Journey: A Tribute to a Remarkable Horse

Posted by Janice Story on December 19, 2023 at 8:30 AM

In the world of equine-assisted therapy, a rare few horses have the grace, empathy, and intelligence to leave an indelible mark on the lives they touch. Cowboy, my beloved horse, was one such extraordinary soul. This post is a tribute to Cowboy, who was not just an ordinary horse, but a true partner, healer, friend, and a savior in his own right.Copy of Add a little bit of body text (1080 × 1080 px) (672 × 480 px) (544 × 389 px) (544 × 389 px) (544 × 389 px) (674 × 480 px) (940 × 788 px) (672 × 480 px) (672 × 480 px) (940 × 788 px) (544 × (10)

Cowboy came into my life at a time when I needed him the most, a time when I was struggling during my own battle with CPTSD. With his gentle eyes and calm demeanor, he was an amazing partner in my equine assisted coaching practice. Cowboy had an incredible knack for understanding human emotions, and had a true gift for helping others gain the capability and willingness to look deep within themselves, making him an invaluable companion during coaching sessions.

A Pillar in Therapy

At Soberman’s Estate - a luxury men's residential treatment center for substance addiction-Cowboy was more than just a therapy horse; he was a beacon of hope for so many of the clients. His presence provided comfort and a sense of security to those struggling with the toughest phases of their lives. Cowboy's intuitive nature allowed him to connect with people in ways that words often could not.

Cowboy’s Legacy: Healing and Saving Lives

The impact Cowboy had on people's lives was profound. He didn't just assist in healing; he actually helped save a few lives. His gentle nudge, his patient standing, and his unwavering presence gave people a reason to believe in themselves and in the possibility of a better life. It was in these silent, powerful moments that the true magic of Cowboy's spirit shone through.

A Personal Savior

For me, Cowboy was more than a therapy partner; he was a lifesaver. In my moments of doubt and despair, Cowboy was a constant source of strength and inspiration. He taught me lessons in resilience, compassion, and unconditional love - lessons that I will carry with me forever. He was always in the barn and provided a safe space for me to just be.

Cowboy’s Unforgettable Journey

Cowboy's journey was remarkable. From the countless personal interactions during my private sessions with clients, retreats and events, and therapy sessions at the treatment center, his influence was vast and deep. Each person Cowboy met was touched by his gentle soul, and the stories of transformation and healing are numerous.

Honoring Cowboy's Memory

As we bid farewell to Cowboy, we do so with heavy hearts filled with gratitude. His legacy will continue in the lives he touched and the hearts he healed. Cowboy was not just a horse; he was a one-of-a-kind soul whose memory will forever be cherished and celebrated. Cowboy worked along side his stablemate Bailey for the last 12 years, and was an important member of Soberman’s Estate’s therapy team since opening in 2019. While his shoes are pretty big to fill, I know his spirit will always be with Bailey and the horses of Soberman’s Estate (Angel & Sugarpine Pepper) as they continue to help support men on their healing journeys. 

Run Free Cowboy, We love you,

Janice & The Team at Soberman's


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